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Here's How We've Responded to COVID-19


This fall, our classes will meet in person but also have an online option. That means your dancer can join us in the studio or from home depending on your needs! Here are a few details. 

  • All classes will be held simultaneously on Zoom and in person so that all of our dancers will get the same great classes week after week. .

  • We have limited our class sizes for preschool and elementary classes in order to allow for social distancing. 

  • Each class will end 5-10 minutes early for a full studio cleaning. We are partnering with Clean Republic to offer you environmentally friendly, Covid-approved sanitizing using an ultra low volume sprayer between every class. 

  • Our waiting room will remain closed until further notice. Parents will need to wait in their cars. One parent only (no siblings) of preschool students only may wait in the waiting room and watch the monitors. If you'll need to wait in your car due to siblings or extra adults, we'll provide a zoom code so that you can watch your dancer on your phone from the car. 

  • Everyone in the building will be required to wear a mask. Our instructors will be sure to structure each class with this in mind. By modifying aerobic movement and taking frequent breaks, our students can remain comfortable while masked. 

  • We have enhanced our HVAC system with an iWave air purifier. This system has been tested and proven effective on covid-19 as well as other air impurities. We will continually circulate air through this system while the studio is operating. 

  • We have fitted our large bay door in Studio B with a custom screen to allow fresh air into the space. (see photo above)

  • The window units in the main studio have a fan function that can continually pull fresh air in from outside any time of year. 

  • We'll be implementing new traffic patterns and procedures for entering and exiting the studio including using our back entrance for students dancing in Studio B. 

  • We've marked the studio floors with socially distanced squares for the dancers. Young students will need to be able to follow instruction and will not be permitted to leave their space. If you feel your dancer is too young to do this successfully, we suggest participating via Zoom for now. 

  • Dancers will bring only dance shoes and a water bottle to class. We strongly suggest one with a straw so that masks can stay mostly on during socially distanced water breaks. Dancers will not be permitted to change clothes or bring extra items to the studio. 

  • Each studio will have a designated bathroom for emergencies, however we encourage you to go before arriving at the studio to minimize bathroom trips. 

  • As usual, hand sanitizer and disinfecting supplies will be available at all times.

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