Ballet dancers perform at Danceworks
Ballet dancers perform at Danceworks

Hip Hop, Danceworks in Denville
Hip Hop, Danceworks in Denville


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Denville's choice for high quality, non-competitive dance instruction. 

Welcome to our dance studio! 


Welcome to Danceworks, where students receive quality dance education in a supportive and noncompetitive environment. The focus in all Danceworks classes is to teach appreciation and enjoyment of the art of dance while creating a positive experience for students.


Director, Christine Kohler has guided the studio since its establishment in 1993. A veteran teacher and performer, Christine is certified to teach dance by Dance Masters of America and Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey. She is safety certified by USA Gymnastics and was 2014 Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year!! Christine has been sharing her passion for the art of dance with the community for over thirty years.

Our dance instructors teach students from the Denville, NJ area, Rockaway, Parsippany, Morris Plains, Mountain Lakes, Boonton, Dover, Morris County, and most of North Jersey. We are conveniently located in Denville, just minutes from Route 46, Route 80 and Route 10.

Christine Kohler / The Director


Ballet classes are offered to students from intermediate to advanced levels. Serious ballet study (forty-five minutes or more of ballet only) is not appropriate until around age nine, when a student is capable of the necessary focus and concentration. Danceworks offers ballet technique classes and pointe classes for qualified students.


Modern dance is a reactionary style that was created in response to the formal structure of ballet technique. Students of modern dance will learn to use their bodies in new ways and experiment with rising and falling, initiating movement from different parts of the body, and exploring the ways in which the body moves everyday. Students will learn the specific techniques of several different modern masters. This experimental dance form can be enjoyed by students ages 9 and up, provided they are taking ballet technique classes concurrently.


The study of rhythm patterns and articulation of the feet is stressed in tap-only classes. Students will learn a vast vocabulary of tap steps and become proficient in putting these movements together to form combinations and routines.

Hip Hop 

Hip hop fever has taken over the dance scene in the past several years. This trendy jazz style incorporates many elements of street dancing and can be seen just about everywhere from tv to movies and music videos. Danceworks students ages 9 and up can enjoy hip hop class, provided they are taking classical jazz or ballet technique class concurrently.


Dancers in first through fourth grade can take jazz-hop class, which provides an introduction to both jazz and hip hop.

tap dancing, Danceworks Denville
tap dancing, Danceworks Denville
Pointe class, Danceworks Denville
Pointe class, Danceworks Denville
Tap dance performance, Danceworks
Tap dance performance, Danceworks


Jazz dance is a popular addition to the well rounded dancer’s education. Classical jazz dance has been called the embodiment of the American spirit. It incorporates influences from many different vernacular styles of the past and present. Jazz dance is a constantly changing art form that takes its cues from popular culture. Students at Danceworks can attend classes in many styles of jazz including classical jazz, theater jazz, hip hop, and lyrical.


Lyrical dance has been described as a mix of ballet and jazz techniques. The goal of a lyrical dancer is to convey emotion through movement. Generally, the dancer is expressing the lyrics of a piece and therefore, lyrical is usually performed to ballads that can range from top forty hits to old standards. Students at Danceworks ages 9 and up can participate in lyrical class provided they are taking ballet technique class concurrently.

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