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Dance Classes


2-3 years old

3-4 years old

4-5 years old


 "Wiggly Ones" Class for Ages 0-2!


Our "Wiggly Ones" class is the perfect weekly opportunity to connect with your little one through music and movement. Class will explore educational fundamentals such as counting and music theory. Dancers and their caregivers are encouraged to dance and sing along to classic and modern preschool songs. You can sit with your infant or alternate between sitting and standing with your toddler so they can get the wiggles out! The focus of our Wiggly Ones class will be to instill an early love of dance and music.


Class meets on Saturday morning from 10:15-10:45. The cost is $50 for the 8 week session and $25 for the 4-week session. 

Wiggly Ones (child and parent class) 8 week session for ages 0-2

Saturday 10:15am-10:45am  

Spring Session: March 2nd- April 27th (no class Apr 6th) (8 weeks, $50)

Dance With Me” Class for Ages 2-3!


Our Dance with Me program for boys and girls ages 2-3 years meets in 8-week fall and spring sessions as well as a 4-week winter session. This fun and engaging program will have a new theme each week with games, songs, stories and of course...lots of dancing. 

The cost for the 8 week course is just $75! The 4-week course is $37.50. Participants are limited to one child and one adult per registration in order to limit crowding. 


Dancers and their companions should dress in comfortable clothes that are easy to move in and socks. Dance wear is not required for this class, but some dancers do choose to dress the part.

Wed 9:15am-10am 

Sat 8:45-9:30am 

Sat 9:30am-10:15am 

Spring Session: March 2nd- April 27th (no class Apr 6th) (8 weeks, $75)

"Move and Groove" Class for Ages 3-6! 

We will sing and dance to a variety of music, including classic and modern preschool songs, while exploring educational fundamentals including counting and music theory. Songs will alternate between standing and sitting, and a variety of engaging props will be explored as we dance around the studio! This class is perfect for dancers with lots of energy to wiggle out. We can't wait for you to check out all the creative movement we have in store for you each week! Preschool Move and Groove is a non-recital class. Parents are welcome in the dance room or dancers can participate independently. This class is perfect for those dancers who have aged out of our Dance with Me program but are not yet ready for our independent preschool classes. Children of all abilities are welcome! Class will meet in 8 week fall, winter and spring sessions and will not participate in our annual recital. 


Preschool Move and Groove $105 per session

Saturday 11:30am-12:15pm

Spring Session: March 2nd- April 27th (no class Apr 6th) 

We Bop Class: ages 5 & up:

This class is the perfect next level for dancers who have completed our Move & Groove class. We Bop is a non-stop dance party, perfect for anyone who may struggle waiting in line or taking turns in a traditional dance class setting. In this class, we will explore jazz and hip hop steps and movements set to popular children's music. (Think of your favorites from Radio Disney, Kidz Bop, and new movies.) We will learn how to count music, break down choreography to learn it, then speed it up and add arm movements. In the learning process, each dancer will develop their own personal style. There will be some class time for creative movement with our favorite props including scarves, ribbon wands, shakers, rhythm sticks, tambourines, and more! Dance is the best form of exercise - we hope you join us for a rockin' good time! 

We Bop Class $105 per session

Saturday 12:15pm- 1pm

Spring Session: March 2nd- April 27th (no class Apr 6th) 

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