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General Information

Dress code:

At Danceworks, we like to allow for as much individual expression and personal comfort as possible. Therefore, we do not have color or style requirements for dancewear. However, students are coming to dance and should be dressed accordingly. Dancewear is required in all classes. A leotard and tights are basic requirements for all classes. This allows the body to be visible to the instructor for proper correction of alignment, knee and hip placement, and many other vital elements of sound dance technique. A ballet skirt may be worn in ballet class. Jazz pants may be worn in tap and jazz classes, but will not be permitted in ballet. Street wear such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, and pants with zippers or other hardware are inappropriate for dance class. Hair should be up off the face in a pony tail, braid or bun for all classes. Buns are encouraged for ballet class. Students who participate in tumbling (including three-year-olds) need to be sure hair accessories will not interfere with rolls and headstands. Students should have appropriate footwear for the class in which they are enrolled. Dancers will not be permitted to take class in bare feet (except modern class) or socks. Shoes are available for purchase at the studio. Check with your instructor for color and style requirements. Please label all dance shoes with student’s first and last name.

Class Viewing


For the convenience of parents in the waiting area, Danceworks offers a closed-circuit monitor of each dance room. Parents are welcome to watch students progress each week from our newly renovated waiting area.

Food and Beverages

Eating and at the studio should not be necessary for most students. However, a water bottle is permitted. Food is not permitted in the dancing room. Water bottles must be labeled with students name and may contain water only. Chewing gum while in class is dangerous. Gum is not permitted during class.


Regular attendance is essential in order for each student and the class as a whole to make progress. Students should strive to make every class meeting and be on time. Missing warm-ups puts the student at a disadvantage for the rest of the class. If a student must miss a class, he or she may make it up by taking a similar class at a different time when and if a comparable class is available, at the discretion of the studio. Tuition will not be refunded for missed classes (see tuition).


Drop off and Pick up


Parents are always welcome to stay in our spacious waiting area during their child's class. Parents are expected to supervise their children while on the premises. The office staff cannot be responsible for supervising students before and after class. Parents should walk their child to the office, assist them with shoes if needed, and wait with them until class begins. Parents must be on time at the end of class and come to the office to pick up their child so we can be sure everyone has a ride home. No child, no matter how old, will be permitted to wait on the sidewalk or in the parking lot to be picked up.

Emergency closings


In the case of a closing due to inclement weather, there will be a message on the studio answering machine and on the website.


Tuition may be paid in full in September, or may be broken into nine equal payments throughout the year. If you choose to pay in installments, payment is due at the first class meeting of every month from September through May. Any student or family attending over two hours of class per week will be charged a discounted rate for all time exceeding two hours. Danceworks’ policy is that tuition is non-refundable. Your tuition holds your spot in the class. However, in extenuating circumstances such as serious illness or injury of the student, any unused tuition may be refunded. If a student chooses to withdraw from a class, tuition paid beyond the end of the current month may be refunded. Partial months will not be refunded. All tuition and any other outstanding balances for the year must be paid in full by May 15th. A selection of leotards, tights and all required footwear is available for purchase at the studio. Our office staff is on hand to help with any questions during all classes. Please call the studio for tuition rates for programs that interest you.

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