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6 Benefits of Dancing

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Although we may still be immersed in our summer fog, there is no denying it... the hazy, lazy days of summer are coming to a close. Stores are proudly displaying sweaters, boots, and backpacks.

Shelves at the local Walmart are piled with notebooks, folders and pencil cases, ready for the herd of list-toting, forward-thinking moms with reluctant kids in tow. Yup, summer is winding down and fall schedules are on the horizon.

With the myriad of extra-curricular choices available to today’s youth, why should you choose a dance class? There are lots of great reasons why dance is the perfect after school activity for every kid.

1. Dance Teaches Grace Under Pressure

Dance instills grace, poise, and coordination in the student. These attributes easily transfer to many other areas of life. They can be seen not only on stage during a dance performance or a school play, but also on the soccer field, in gym class and at the school dance. Later in life, these same skills help with that dreaded oral presentation or college interview. A child who is accustomed to performing in front of a group will have far less anxiety when put in the spotlight.

2. Dance Fosters an Understanding of Delayed Gratification

Making dance part of a well-rounded education will improve discipline of mind and body. The concentration and focus required at the ballet barre is essentially the same discipline required to achieve many of life’s goals. In a world of instant gratification through computer games and smartphones, the ability to work toward a particular skill with weekly practice awakens a student’s internal motivation. When hard work produces results, students beam with satisfaction. In today’s environment, this lesson is increasingly hard to teach our children, but it is what the dance studio is all about.

3. Dance Builds Self Esteem

The knowledge of how to carry the body correctly, correct posture and poise are all benefits of a dance education. These traits in and of themselves make a dancer look and feel more confident wherever he or she may go. The alignment and that is encouraged in ballet class carries over into everyday life, helping the dancer to present herself with self-assurance.

4. Dance is Fitness

Dance develops strength and flexibility in the body, keeping the dancer agile and fit for as long as he or she continues to study. Today’s children are inundated with ways to occupy themselves through computers, smart phones, hand help devices and televisions. Getting them up and moving can be a challenge. Dance is the perfect antidote. Combining music, friends and fun in one hobby can really get a child excited about physical activity.

5. Dance is Good for Your Brain

Want more reasons to enroll your child in a class this year? Dance education is also great for the developing mind. Dance aids in creative problem solving, increases organizational skills, memory skills, and helps the student to work effectively in cooperative learning groups. Tap dance and the music theory that goes along with this genre especially are based in math. Students in any dance genre are remembering and reiterating patterns and keeping their minds as actively engaged as their bodies.

6. Dance is Fun!

Finally, dance is just plain fun! Dancers enjoy their art while staying in shape, expressing themselves and meeting friends along the way. What could be better?

At Danceworks, students receive quality dance education in a supportive and noncompetitive environment.

The focus in all Danceworks classes is to teach appreciation and enjoyment of the art of dance while creating a positive experience for students. Danceworks’ staff is committed to treating each student with respect and allowing each dancer to achieve his or her personal best. Teachers nurture the individual abilities of their students and allow each one’s personality to shine through dance. Students enjoy a sense of accomplishment in a structured and fun environment. Contact Danceworks today by calling 973-627-3836, visiting their website at or emailing

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