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Danceworks is a member of YPAD

youth protection advocates in dance

Did you know that Danceworks is a member of YPAD and is actively pursuing certification for our studio and staff? Here’s a little information on this groundbreaking organization that is spearheading change in the dance community. YPAD’s code of ethics aligns with the way Danceworks has been doing business all along. We are excited to join this movement and advocate for healthy boundaries in dance!

Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD) as it is commonly called, is a division of E.D.I.F.Y. Movement, a dance focused 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded by Leslie Scott a 27 year veteran in the dance industry.

Leslie founded YPAD as a response and solution to various negative effects she experienced personally and witnessed in the lives of her students, dance parents, colleagues and studio owners. Many were battling depression, eating disorders, co-dependency, self-esteem issues and more. YPAD believes that dance, when used positively, is a primary source of self-expression, community building and Holistic wellness!

· YPAD (Youth Protection Advocates in Dance) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building empowered dance communities and keeping kids healthy and safe in all dance environments.

· Our Advisory Panel includes PH.D specialists in multiple fields and dance leaders that span the country.

· YPAD’s programming has a strong focus on the emotional, physical and sexual health and the self-esteem and identity of children and teens. Our educational umbrella encompasses interactive seminars for all adults in dance that have an influence over children including their parents and dance workshops for all ages and levels.

· YPAD has a library of evidence-based research which raises awareness regarding the exploitation of youth in our dance culture, inclusive of but not limited to; psychological harm, sexual abuse, hyper-sexualization or kinetically unsafe instruction for growing children and young adults that leads to unnecessary injuries.

· YPAD provides inter-active seminars and educational programming to studio owners, conventions, teachers, dancers and dance parents. Topics include self-esteem, identity, body image, healthy social media use, media literacy, effects of sexualization, bullying, injury prevention, nutrition and more.

· YPAD’s programs and services include our first-of-its-kind Certification and YPAD Standards.

YPAD’s focus is on providing dance studios, conventions, competitions, instructors, dance professionals, parents, community members and dancers with the support, education, tools and resources they need to make healthy choices in the dance environment and the world. We are committed to pursuing our mission without shame or judgment. This is a journey and we are all in this together!

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