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Danceworks Uses Clean Republic Hospital Grade Disinfectant After Every Dance Class

When the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the studio in March of 2020, our staff sprang into action to figure out the best ways to continue to bring the joy of dance to our students. Along with virtual instruction, which we continue to offer, it was imperative that we find a way to quickly and thoroughly sanitize the studio in between each and every class so that we could get back to in-person learning.

The dance studio presented a unique challenge since all surfaces including the floor would need to be sanitized several times daily. And whatever we used needed to dry within minutes in order for us to be able to welcome the next group of dancers to the space on time. We considered mopping and wiping down surfaces continually. But we did not want to use harsh chemicals on our custom dance floors and equipment over and over and we didn’t want these substances touching our dancers! We discussed UV light sanitation and many other solutions but each had its drawbacks and limitations. Mostly, these methods simply took too long to allow us to run enough classes to accommodate our dancers.

When another business owner told us about Clean Republic we were intrigued. By using an Ultra-Low Volume Fogger and Clean Republic Disinfectant and Sanitizer, we could spray the entire facility… including the air in minutes! This unique system uses a very high volume of air to spread the disinfecting fog more efficiently. This makes it a great system for disinfecting surfaces as well as airborne disinfection. Because the fogger turns liquid into particles that are so tiny that can dry on their own, we do not have to go back and wipe down all of the surfaces. And the best news is that the air also gets a cleaning!

Clean Republic Disinfectant and Sanitizer is EPA approved to kill 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses using only three ingredients: salt, water and electricity. This new technology allows us to disinfect our facility multiple times daily without exposing our students or staff to harsh and unsafe chemicals. This product has received an EPA endorsement for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as MRSA, HIV, and Norovirus. You can learn more about Clean Republic products here.

Danceworks has been utilizing Clean Republic products to clean the studio between each and every class since we reopened for in person classes in September of 2020. We dismiss each class around 5 minutes early and one of our staff immediately fogs the entire space before any new students are admitted. When students have been in the waiting room between classes, that gets cleaned too. Students know that they need to wait for the dance room to be prepared before they can enter.

In addition to sanitizing our dance spaces between every class, we have also implemented many other procedures to make Danceworks as safe and healthy as possible. These include the installation of an iWave air purifier in our HVAC system. This purifier runs 24 hours a day while the studio is in operation, constantly cleaning the air within the studio. The dancers have also become accustomed to using barre covers when they work at the dance barre. These individual covers are sanitized before each use. Younger dancers are still using our distancing boxes during class. This ensures that each dancer has their own dance space and dancers do not bunch up in a group. And as of this writing, we remain masked while in the building regardless of age or vaccination status.

As we learn to navigate this new chapter in the studio’s history, Danceworks will work to keep our students and staff safe and happy while we pursue our passion. The love of dance and all of the benefits it offers keeps us motivated to do everything we can to keep learning and growing together. If you’d like to join us for our 29th season, please email us at We can’t wait to dance with you!


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